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Immunomonitoring Platform

Dr. Claire Conche











The immunomonitoring platform offers tools and methodologies to study immune responses. 
We are here to support you in bringing your ideas to experimental data.
We are specialized in experiments for analysis and sorting of cells by flow cytometry. We have long-standing experience in scientific research in immunology and tumor biology. Our expertise includes flow cytometry panel design, sample preparation as well as tailoring in vivo, in vitro, and ex vivo assays. 
We are scientists too and are eager to support you in your research.

Immunomonitoring Platform

Dr. Claire Conche



[since 2023] Head of the Immunomonitoring Platform, HI-TRON Mainz
[2017 - 2023] Senior Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Immunotherapies at the Georg Speyer Haus Frankfurt am Main
[2010 - 2015] Postdoctoral Fellow on T cell biology at The Scripps Research Institute, USA.
[2005 - 2009] Ph.D. Student on TCR signalling at the Cochin Institute, France

Immunomonitoring Platform
Obere Zahlbacherstr. 63
Building 911
55131 Mainz

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Nancy Walteich


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Metin Tahsin Yaldiz

Master's student

Platform News

03/2024: 01/2024: A new member joins the Immunomonitoring Platform: Metin Tahsin Yaldiz

12/2023: The Cytek Aurora, our new spectral flow cytometer arrived.