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Research areas

Personalized biomarker research

We will set a focus on the discovery of therapeutic targets and biomarkers for personalized cancer immunotherapy with special emphasis on the multiomic characterization of individual tumor profiles to gain a better understanding of the inter-relationship of tumor antigenicity, tumor microenvironment and immune response. Integrated bioinformatic solutions will be implemented for prompt analysis and interpretation of personalized OMICS data.


Innovative immunotherapies

HI-TRON Mainz is dedicated to the development of innovative immunotherapy concepts and their preclinical exploration. Precision immunotherapeutics such as individualized RNA vaccines and engineered T cells targeting neoantigens will be complemented by personalized approaches based on biomarker profiling. Testing of combinatorial approaches in novel model systems is informing the selection of synergistic combinatorial approaches.

Clinical translation and implementation

The HI-TRON Mainz partners will establish a Clinical Implementation platform (CIP) to foster clinical translation and implementation of personalized cancer immunotherapy studies. The CIP will particularly focus on the early clinical testing and iterative optimization of individualized treatment approaches. It will act as the cooperation interface for scientists and physicians involved in clinical research, ensuring rapid translation and continuous improvement of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches within the framework of clinical trials.