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Task Forces


The task forces exploit synergies of all partners on a project-oriented basis and establish additional structures at HI-TRON based on three principals.

I.   Provide scientific, methodological, technical, or administrative guidance to HI-TRON personnel.

II.   Shaping and improving HI-TRON's scientific landscape.

III.   Ensure efficiency by leveraging synergies, providing an overview of structures within partner organizations, and providing access/contact information to these organizations.

List of the HI-TRON Mainz Task Forces

Tasks: Prospective diagnostic cohort studies, first in human interventional trials incl. supportive biomarker programs, ethics
Corresponding Coordinator: Stephan Grabbe)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stephan Grabbe (UMC)
Prof. Dr. Dirk Jäger (DKFZ)
Prof. Dr. Michael Platten (DKFZ)
Prof. Dr. Özlem Türeci (HI-TRON/TRON)

Task: Human sample logistics, cohorts, biobanking, ethics
(Cooresponding Coordinator: Thomas Kindler, Niels Halama)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stephan Grabbe (UMC)
Prof. Dr. Matthias Gaida (UMC)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Kindler (UMC)
Dr. Felicitas Müller (TRON)
Dr. Özlem Akilli-Öztürk (TRON)
Dr. Dominic Helm (DKFZ)
Dr. Romy Kirsten (UMC)
Dr. Stephan Wolf (DKFZ)
Katrina Gerharts (UMC)
Simone Jünger (DKFZ)
Dr. Isabel Poschke (DKFZ)
Prof. Dr. Michael Platten (DKFZ)
Prof. Dr. Niels Halama (HI-TRON/DKFZ)

Task: Concepts for communication with authorities, labs, models, methods, access rights, proposals and contact to animal facility 
(Corresponding Coordinator: Hansjörg Schild, Rienk Offringa)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stephan Grabbe (UMC)
Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Schild (UMC)
Prof. Dr. Mathias Heikenwälder (DKFZ)
Dr. Ayline Kübler (TRON)
Dr. Fulvia Vascotto (TRON)
Prof. Dr. Rienk Offringa (DKFZ)
Dr. Anke Werner (HI-TRON)
Dr. Katharina Wolf (HI-TRON)

Task: Existing core labs, methodological spectrum, suitability for routine materials, potential access and support for clinical trials
(Corresponding Coordinator: Valesca Bukur)

Dr. Valesca Bukur (TRON)
Dr. Martin Löwer (TRON)
Dr Matthias Schlesner (DKFZ)
Dr. Christian Albrecht (TRON)
Dr. Alina Henrich (TRON)
Dr. Matthias Klein (UMC)
Univ-Prof. Dr. Tobias Bopp (UMC)
Prof. Dr. Benedikt Brors (DKFZ)
Dr. Dominic Helm (DKFZ)
Dr. Melanie Bewerunge-Hudler (DKFZ)
Dr. Stephan Wolf (DKFZ)
Dr. Ivo Buchhalter (DKFZ)
Dr. Jan-Philipp Mallm (DKFZ)
Dr. Barbara Schrörs (TRON)
Dr. Federico Marini (UMC)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Tenzer (HI-TRON/UMC)


Task: Bulk T-cell receptor sequencing (blood, tumor), sc T-cell receptor, supportive for immunmonitoring, and isolation of antigen specific T-cell receptors
(Corresponding Coordinators: Rienk Offringa, Laura Kolb)

Dr. Edward Green (DKFZ)
Prof. Dr. Hedda Wardemann (or lab member) (DKFZ)
Prof. Dr. Rienk Offringa (DKFZ)
Dr. Laura Kolb (TRON)
Dr. Ayline Kübler (TRON)
Dr. Thomas Bukur (TRON)
Dr. Barbara Schrörs (TRON)
Dr. Mustafa Diken (TRON)
Dr. Elif Diken (TRON)
Dr. Michael Volkmar (HI-TRON)

Task: Existing core labs, methodological spectrum (Flow cytometry, cell sorting, ELISpot, multimer and IC analysis), suitability for routine materials, potential access and support for clinical trials
(Corresponding Coordinators: Sebastain Attig, Chong Sun)

Dr. Sebastian Attig (TRON)
Dr. Chong Sun (DKFZ)
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Bopp (UMC)
Silvana Hempel (TRON)
Fatemeh Alebrahim (TRON)
Javad Assarzadeh (TRON)
Kristian Schütze (UMM)
Adrian Goddard (UMC)
Dr. Mustafa Diken (TRON)
Dr. Steffen Schmitt (DKFZ)
Dr. Sebastian Kreiter (TRON)

Task: Data management, Data science and Pipelines, Implementation and integration, incl. concept for IT structure and access rules
(Corresponding Coordinator: Martin Löwer, Martin Lablans, Ivo Buchhalter)

Holger Haas (DKFZ)
Horst Mensch/ Dr. Andreas Schneider (TRON)
Dr. Martin Löwer (TRON)
Dr. David Weber (TRON)
Michael Westermann (Data security officer) (DKFZ)
Prof. Dr. Niels Halama (HI-TRON)
Prof. Dr. Oliver Stegle (DKFZ)
Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Schild (UMC)
Prof. Dr. Martin Lablans (DKFZ)
Dr. Ivo Buchhalter (DKFZ)

Task:  Education of PhD students, organization retreats/seminars, scientific exchange, clinician scientist program, Post-doc career tracks
(Corresponding Coordinator: Katharina Wolf)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Julia Weinmann-Menke (UMC)
Dr. Petra Schwarz (UMC)
Dr. Mariana Schulte-Sasse (DKFZ)
Dr. Lindsay Murrells (DKFZ)
Dr. Tina Büchling (TRON)
Dr. Lobna Maaroufi (TRON)
Dr. Katharina Wolf (HI-TRON)


Task: Project framework, regulatory affairs, patents 
(Corresponding Coordinator: Julia Neuhaus)

Dr. Rainer Wessel (DKFZ)
Prof. Dr. Özlem Türeci (TRON/HI-TRON)
Dr. Julia Neuhaus (HI-TRON)